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Vikhola is a Ukrainian publishing house founded in 2020, specializing in texts by Ukrainian authors. We started out as a nonfiction publisher, but later expanded our range to include works of fiction as well. We are not limited in themes and aspire to publish quality and exciting books; from psychology, travel writing, linguistics, lifestyle, and popular science to various genres of fiction, including mystery & crime, thrillers, romance, poetry, and war prose. We intend to promote our authors abroad, so we cordially invite you to take a look at our rights guide.


Contemporary society exerts constant pressure to live up to the high standards, to challenge yourself, and to always achieve ever new goals.


What do you do in order to meet all these challenges and live up to the standards? That’s right, you fake it till you make it. Would you describe yourself as an intellectual? Yes, of course! (In reality, no.) Would you like to belong to the elite circles? Sure! (In reality, no.) Did you read this or that book only to masterfully show off your knowledge to the (un)grateful audience? Obviously, yes! (In reality, no.) To stay ahead, you have to pretend to be au courant, to find all topics, from psychology to accounting, equally easy, and to confidently tackle arcane philosophical problems and parade before the erudite society. It’s not that easy to acknowledge that the intellectual clown who has just elaborated their opinion to the (un)grateful audience today fell asleep by page 3 of a challenging book yesterday.


Well, we reject intellectual pretensions. Learning should be a joy rather than a chore; acquiring knowledge is about playing, not about sweat, blood and tears. You are not obligated to take up jogging after reading a book on running, or to switch to an asparagus-and-tuna diet after reading a book on healthy food. Marketing promises you that buying this or that book will change your life, but that won’t happen. In essence, you have to keep yourself entertained, open an interesting book at your leisure, learn something new, get a glimpse at a different lifestyle, discover new worldviews, peer into the inner world of those who did change their lives, and possibly, just possibly cultivate the desire to change something yourself. Obviously, you don’t have to. All we offer you is an interesting, engaging and useful read.


And here’s why:


Our books are straightforward, smart and accessible.


Our goal is to explain the world in accessible terms.


Our authors communicate and explain all the fields that intrigue but slightly intimidate you, including, although not limited to marketing, history, psychology, and business.


What do we value in our books?


Inspiration. We believe that books should inspire rather than provide a step-by-step manual. They motivate us to take up new hobbies, understand ourselves better, change and evolve.


Flexibility. We all know that reading will never be the ritual that it used to be 100 years ago, right? Nevertheless, we believe that a book makes everything better: a train ride or a flight, public transit to work, the wait in a cafe for your friends, and, obviously, a stay home under your comfy blanket with a cup of hot coffee. Therefore, a book should be as flexible as your smartphone, and accompany you everywhere in your purse, your briefcase, or in your coat’s inner pocket.


Experience. Of course, a book is a vehicle for unique knowledge, skills, feelings and emotions that our authors want and can share with the readers.


Accessibility. Our books offer clear and accessible explanations in simple words of the topics that may be hard or boring to tackle otherwise.


Variety. We work for the people who have an interest in everything: marathoning documentaries on design today, they gulp down sci-fi novels about space exploration tomorrow. We don’t need an explanation for the words “I want to know it all,” because that’s how we ourselves feel.

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